Google Business Photos for Education

Google Business Photos for Education

As a National Board Certified teacher, I have spent a lot of time educating children.  I recommend a Google Virtual Tour for you campus. It is a wonderful way to demonstrate your educational goals and allow students the opportunity to come learn from YOU! Why is it that your school is better than the rest? Show it off with Google Business Views. InsideMT’s tours are well built and carefully implemented. 

Google Business Photos are a perfect tool to bring to life what you do at your school! The tour helps customers engage with your school by walking in, exploring and interacting without stepping in the door, and creates a platform you and your students can build upon with amazing tools.

7 Reasons Why Your School Needs Google Business Photos?

  • Virtual tours are the preferred tool for students and families for initially evaluating campuses and educational facilities.

  • Students and families expect mobile-accessible virtual tours that give them a sense of what it is like to physically tour a school campus (both the exterior and the interior).

  • It’s your chance to showcase a more personal, casual presentation of your school, and speak to students in a voice they can relate to.

  • Easily create interactive games and lessons using the Google Maps and Street View platform with dozens of user friendly interactive platforms on the market.

  • Your tour can act as tour guide! Families can ask questions, and a faculty or administrative member can generate responses to questions.

  • The business photos are yours to use on your own website or social media pages!

  • Today’s youth and families are attracted to more informational, dynamic, sophisticated tours where they can learn as much as they can about you! Embrace this by allowing InsideMT to build your Google Virtual Tour.

Angela J. Hammang, MSSE, NBCT
Science Educator, Dillon, MT