Using Webinars as a Marketing Tool

InsideMT Webinar ProductionI wanted to share a pretty effective tool we’ve been using for the last couple years that can be super useful for many types of businesses and nonprofits.

I produce a monthly webinar for a mental health organization. We get some amazing, top tier guests and some great turnout. For example, our final webinar of the 2021 – 2022 series features the former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health.

We also worked out an arrangement with the State Office of Behavior Health Licensing to offer Continuing Education Units for attending, something mental health professionals need to maintain their licenses, making it very appealing for councilors, social workers, psychiatrists, etc.

We use targeted Facebook and Google advertising to directing people to these landing pages. We use Zoom to host the webinars, with a live stream to YouTube and embed the livestream on the front page of their website during the event. Then we edit a video of the webinar and post it on social, YouTube and in the past events page of the website.

The registration process collects attendee’s contact information and as a result we’ve built a comprehensive contact list of Montana mental health professionals, advocates, and interested parties. We use this list for highly effective email fundraising and event promotion campaigns.

This outreach effort has been super useful promoting NAMI’s mission and raising donations for their cause.

The key thing I wanted to share is, if produced properly this method can be very effective to help organizations and businesses reach their Marketing and Public Relation goals.

I love helping clients produce webinars. Lets get to work.