Lewis & Clark Caverns

Lewis and Clark Caverns VRDescend into the darkness with InsideMT’s Street View tour of Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park. The interactive virtual tour includes stunning panoramic images throughout the famous limestone caverns found in the Rocky Mountains of mid-western Montana.

This natural wonder was unknown to the world until the late 19th century when Tom Williams and Bert Pannell, two local men from Whitehall, Montana, found the caves in 1892. The men claimed they “saw smoke rising from the mountain”. The smoke was actually steam, billowing from the entrance.

Famous for a wide variety of impressive geological structures, the caverns are an unforgettable experience with pale green stalagmites, formed across the cavern floor. Then, look at the dagger shaped stalactites hanging from the ceiling as you investigate the “wedding cake” formations and “ice cream stacks”, created by centuries of acidic water chemically reacting with the limestone.

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Lewis Clark Caverns TrailsWhile the caves are named after Lewis & Clark, the two explorers actually did not find the caves. In fact, the state park is named after Lewis & Clark only because the cave entrance overlook the historic Lewis & Clark Expedition Trail. The caves were first developed for tourists by Dan Morrison in 1900 and named the Limespur Cave. In 1908 the area became a national park. The park remained a national park until 1937, when the US government gave the land to the state of Montana. In 1941, the caverns were dedicated as a state park, a status that continues today.

Venture through the trail systems surrounding the park as well. Take a virtual hike through the mountains that sit over the caverns with fantastic vistas of the Madison River Valley and flower covered hill sides. In these Central Montana trails, you can experience a variety of ecosystems from lush streams to arid pine covered hill tops, all teeming with an abundance of birds and other wildlife. The trails are truly as amazing as the caverns and well worth the experience.

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You can explore the caverns and trails on your mobile device or computer browser from anywhere, at anytime.

Take a virtual field trip using InsideMT’s Street View virtual tours. They make an immersive educational experience for any age of learner, dramatic, personalized demonstrations about Montana’s distinct geology and natural history. InsideMT is happy to assist with curriculum development and best methods to use the technology for any purpose.