butte-speed-testCan you guess what city in Montana has the fastest commercial and residential internet connections? It might come as a surprise to some; the fastest internet connections in the Big Sky State are in Butte America.

The image is a screen shot of a speed test on my residential cable internet connection from Bresnan, uh Optimum, oh I mean Charter for only $39 a month.  That is pretty fast for Montana, but many businesses and my graduate student office at Montana Tech are sporting a Gigabit Per Second fiber connection!

I’ve been super lucky over the last few years, traveling around Montana, working for some of the coolest businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that make our state so great.  In the process, I’ve found myself root deep in hundreds of business web sites and web business listings, uploading images, embedding videos, and hacking together search engine friendly copy. A normal project consists of around 5 gigabytes of data that has to be shoved up to the web and lots of tinkering with back end, web dashboards.  As a result, it has been a constant challenge to find  good data connections throughout this rural state.  So when I moved to Butte from Missoula in August and realized how fast the internet was, I felt like a kid on Christmas.

Montana has amazing history, natural spaces, culture, and people; and anyone who gets to know Butte can tell you it is definitely special among Montana cities.  Butte has a rich history, and the locals are intensely proud of their culture, but most don’t know it also has blazing fast internet connections.  That, among other things is making it a destination for data intensive tech businesses.  It really takes minutes to do in Butte what it takes hours to do in Billings, Bozeman or Missoula.