Card_Side_ThreeWinter is here and Google local searches for gyms and indoor fitness facilities are higher than ever.

Below, is a chart showing total number of Google local searches each month over the past year for the “Gym” keyword group in Missoula. A keyword group is a list of similar search terms with the same intent like, “gym”, “gyms”, “health club”, “fitness center”, “gym membership”, etc”.

These directly represent Google searches from people looking and ready to join a gym. A Local Google Search is when someone types in a location they are searching within, Like “Gyms in Missoula”. Local searches are when a person is looking to immediately find the location to go to, investigate or call a local business.

You can see that the search volume for these terms start to trend up in September and continue to be over 500 a month until March. In December last year, there were over 600 searches for gyms in Missoula, and this year we will see even more people using their smart phones to find a gym. This averages over 140 Google Searches a week from October to March in Missoula alone. These are people who are seeking to join a gym, that is why they are searching on Google. They are a perfect audience to show off the inside of your facility to.

If you aren’t engaging these customers right on the Google local search results, you are loosing them. We provide absolutely the best Google Search Content available to funnel new customers into your gym. The Google Business Tours are like an interactive video game for potential customers to explore your gym.

Google-Trusted-PhotographerGoogle Business Tours optimize your Google Local page with a keyword rich and compelling business description, accurate contact info, business hours, links, location, new attractive photos and a Google Business Tour prominently published on your Google Local page.