Interactive Advertising

InsideMT uses the latest engagement technology to deliver advertising strategies that make powerful connections to your target audience.

I enjoy working closely with you to design the perfect strategy. Then, execute a campaign that will be passed around your perfect customer’s social circle.

My passion is to leverage psychology and technology to match clients with their perfect audience.

Data Integration

We determine where your customer touchpoints are and identify opportunities to attract and improve engagement. Then, with analytics collection I evaluate your customer’s journey from brand awareness to the commitment to the Ah-Ha moment when the commitment is made.

Interactive Media Production

With this valuable knowledge I produce interactive content, designed to evoke interest and engagement with your target audience. We deliver this highly effective content to the perfect people for your products & services.

Measure Your Success

Throughout the entire campaign we carefully measure success by analyzing the buyer’s journey of engagement, conversions and your return on investment throughout the interactive advertising campaign. We then provide this information to our clients and help them use it to improve future advertising efforts.