Custom Web and Mobile Applications

For the best video quality and optimal user experience, the gold standard is a dedicated mobile or web application. A custom application allows the content to be streamed at the highest quality with menus, maps, and interactivity that simply isn’t possible on YouTube or Vimeo and standard web servers just aren’t set up to stream video effectively. A custom solution allows your video to be seamlessly integrated with your branding and web site with paid subscriptions, paywall purchase or within your Learning Management System. At InsideMT, we take a simple approach to every project with Start to Finish production management and innovative design. We focus on meeting our clients needs, on budget and on time to ensure a professional production that results in a quality finished product.

Quality Production Processes

1 - Design

InsideMT plans your project to work with your schedule with a detailed budget that is meticulously kept. We have the skill and experience to apply cutting-edge creative concepts that result in inspirational experiences.

2 - Production

Regardless of location, InsideMT can capture the highest quality, media from photography, video, virtual reality, 3D scans. I specialize working in Montana’s remote and sometimes harsh environments to quickly and professionally capture the media needed.

3 - Publish

InsideMT helps our clients from the first step to the last, ensuring they get the most value and impact out of their production. I make sure the quality content we create is delivered reliably with the best user experience on the web, mobile devices, interactive kiosks, and virtual reality equipment.