I’ve worked with a few clients now that had no Google Local page when we started to visit about Google Business Photos for their place. In the past, the Google Local pages I’ve helped set up have been fairly new businesses, in those cases their business web sites were getting very poor PageRanking on Google and of course they had no presence at all on Google Maps. Interestingly, two of them had active Facebook pages that had decent PageRank when searching for their keywords in their area, but in both cases their main business site was no where to be found with local keyword search.

I assisted them setting up their Google Local Page, linking their web site to the Local Page and making sure they had quality content on it. A couple weeks after I published their virtual tour, photo gallery and helped with their Local Page they were all achieving excellent results with local keyword search for even their main business web site on Google and were standing out very well in Google Map search under keywords in their region.

Google SEO is easy when you get to know how it works. I’ve recently worked several issues out for clients and prospective clients to improve their Google Local pages, fix locations, remove duplicate listings, help them improve their content, and even fix street names that throw off Google’s Local Search.

I tend to work a lot with my client’s Google presence through out our projects together and with out exception so far, a week or two later I see huge improvements on the Local search results.