respectAs a National Board Certified Teacher I have spent many hours educating our youth. I am also an avid social media user. Parents, students, and the community are also eager users of social media (forms of electronic communication where users share information, ideas, and messages).

As a teacher, I understand how important it is to keep my professional and personal lives separate on social media. I also understand the importance of using social media to engage with families, students and the community. A controlled presence on today’s social media platforms allow professional educators to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders.

InsideMT helps schools and institutions integrate and manage your school’s social media platforms with your website, adopt safe procedures to promote activities and achievements.  Then, InsideMT will train educators and students how to properly use these tools, safely.

Social media helps you connect more effectively with families and the community by:

  • Making it simple to update families with daily news. Parents love to be informed. Keep them updated on important events and announcements happening at your school!
  • Providing a forum to post your upcoming events, receive RSVP’s from your community members, and send any informational updates as needed.
  • Arranging a space for photographs or videos of activities going on in your school. Showcase your culture by showing off students and staff doing important, stimulating tasks that inspire learning.
  • Attracting potential new families to your school.
  • Allowing interested parties to take part in discussions.
  • Effective social media can lead to honest and healthy dialog between teachers, community members, students and administrators.

Angela J. Hammang, MSSE, NBCT
Science Educator, Dillon, MT