Virtual Reality & 360 Video Training

How can you use Google Street View for education and marketing purposes?

How can my organization use YouTube’s new 360 Video support?

This article is a collection of tutorials to help organizations of all sizes learn processes and theory to use VR content to build strong relationships with supporters, constituents and customers on any topic.


Interactive content is a new medium for many people, allowing users to manipulate and dig into content in ways many haven’t experienced yet. As a new medium, there are some basic ideas that are worth considering in this Introduction on Embedding Interactive Content.


Google Street View is a powerful medium that is suddenly becoming a real virtual reality platform anyone can access and use. Below is a video tutorial on how organizations can share and embed any Google Street View VR tours for education and marketing.


With YouTube’s support for 360 video, it has become
The following YouTube tutorials are to help organizations such as museums, community associations, clubs, institutions or local government set up and manage YouTube channels. After setting up a channel, you can easily capture and publish well branded, high quality videos, from a mobile device, or post your professionally produced video.

YouTube is pretty cool platform to post videos. It has an amazing range of features, making posting, sharing, and embedding videos a piece of cake. Having a branded YouTube channel to host your organization’s official content is an effective way to communicate with your community, get a message out to a target audience or just document what makes your organization great.

YouTube is part of Google; it was created in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. It allows anyone to upload videos and hosts them on the web for free. However, like all things Google, the features and processes to do things with YouTube change constantly. Tutorials for anything Google or YouTube show their age quickly so keep that in mind.

An intro into YouTube’s My Channel dashboard and how to apply your Organization’s branded art to the YouTube Channel art.